Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hanging out with my Cousin Chas!

This past Saturday, we all went over to my mom's house (as I always do with EE). My brother, his wife Eunice, and their son Chas (we fondly call Boo) was there. My mom let them bake cookies!!!!!!! They play so well together, chasing each other around...and seeing what they can get into. There is only 7 weeks difference in age so it's great! Check out some pics of them cooking.(You can click on them to make them bigger)

EE is still teething and with it comes a cough and runny nose. Other than that, he is very happy. He has started saying "Oh my goodness"! and "Well Mommy"? with crossed arms as he waits for me to do something. His obsession with the Wiggles is back full force and UGH we have to watch or listen to them ALL of the time. Oh I hope this passes soon!

Here is a pic from this weekend with my brother Barry and Chas (Boo)