Friday, February 16, 2007

Big Boy Beds and Spider Man Undies

OK, so I've been remiss in blogging (or so my friends inform me)! But I must say....alot has been going on! EE decided all in one day that he was done with his crib and that he wanted to be in big boy underwear.

Jerry and I had (somewhat jokingly) decided that we were going to let him stay in his crib until one of three things happened...either he learned how to climb out of it, grew out of it, or graduated college! HA! Well....3 weeks ago, Jan 27th to be exact, he decided he wasn't ready to take a nap. He was so mad that he climbed out of his crib quite by accident. Actually he was as surprised as we were! But that was all she wrote...he did it 3 more times before he finally fell asleep. Hey, just because he could climb out didn't mean he wasn't going to take a nap!

After he woke up he also decided he wanted some big boy we went out and picked out "Cars", "SpiderMan", Elmo, and "Nemo". Of course, we had to try them all on! LOL

That night for a short fix, we took a mattress and put it down on his floor. You could see the look of freedom in his eyes....the pure joy. HE COULD GET OUT OF HIS ROOM and he knew it! All in all, he got up about 15 times that night for various reasons....UGH. Oh, then got us up at about 4:30am for the day!

He has been getting much better at bed time. He only gets up 1-3 times (I think it's just to prove to us that he can). We finally got him a twin bed. We wanted to give him a little time to get used to sleeping on a bigger bed and not falling off before we switched him.

As for his big boy undies, he's doing great!!!!! He still sleeps in a pull up but during the day he's in his underwear!!!!!! We are so proud of him!