Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I'd like to share a little tidbit of information with you, if you please. You have never enjoyed Halloween until you have experienced it through the eyes of a four year old.

I bet you can't guess who this super hero is....

OK OK, just because you guessed Iron Man doesn't mean you know everything. Or maybe you do..

Last night we prepared treat grab bags for his little friends at school. 25 of them as a matter of fact. We put green monster fingers, ghost whistles, games, spider rings, monster erasers, bug jelly candy thingies, toy snakes and spiders, Dora candy, Diego Candy, Sponge Bob crabby patties, and a few other knickknacks. Ethan helped me make all of them and then got to pass them out to his friends at school during his Halloween party. He wore his Iron Man costume to school for his party.

Hello? Is there a doctor reading this by chance? If so, I think my son is morphing into a frog. He has a wild look in his eyes and his tongue is doing weird things. Or it could just be all of that candy he had during the day today. Well, that or he's just plain weird.

While Jerry stayed home for the first wave of trick-or-treaters, Ethan and I set off to pounce on unsuspecting innocent people that were giving out free candy. Ethan was determined to walk up to the doors by himself while I hung back. That worked for the most part until he went up to one door that was cracked open and walked right on in as I was dying of embarrassment. Luckily the nice neighbor got a kick out of it. We circled the block and then set up camp at our own house to dole out goods. We had soooo many trick-or-treaters tonight that I was seriously stunned.

See all this loot? Ethan made it his personal goal to eat every bit of it. Luckily, Mommy was a step ahead of him and hid all of that addicting poison.

ACK- sorry about the blown out look...I was lazy and didn't' feel like proofing it before I posted it.

I heart Iron Man.

Hyped up on Sugar
Or Alternately,
She who will not be able to Sleep Tonight

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Little Known Fact About Ghosts

I bet you think you know everything about ghosts, don't you? I did too. That is, until yesterday when my 4 year old informed me of something that only a 4 year old would think of. Well, I'm here to burst your bubble. Your "I know everything there is to know about ghosts" bubble. Come please, come with me while I take a walk down memory lane:

Pre-script: Ethan and I have a "thing". Our thing is that almost every day, we go back into the backyard and I push him on his swing whilst we talk about random things. We have been planning on Ethan being Iron Man for Halloween. We've had his costume for about 3 weeks when he decided a few days ago that he wanted to be a ghost. Jerry and I haven't said much because we know for a fact that if we get him a white sheet, and cut eyes out, he will NOT wear it longer than 5minutes.

Ethan- Mommy I want to be a ghost for Halloween.

Me- Well, why don't you wear Iron Man to school for your party and you can be a ghost to trick-or-treat.

Ethan- (deep thought)

Ethan- Wait, ghosts don't have feet!

Me- yes,I know

Ethan- I can't be a ghost! I need my feet to go trick-or-treating.

Me- well, maybe you can be Iron Man and Daddy can be a ghost.

Ethan- No he cant be a ghost! He needs his feet to take me trick-or-treating.

See! I just bet you didn't know that ghosts cant trick-or-treat because they don't have feet! Don't be bitter, we all learn something new every once in a while!


Now I Have Heard it All
Or Alternately,
She Who Likes to Use Big Words Like Whilst

PS: I promise to get some new pictures up very soon!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm NOT a Creature of Change

I have always secretly known this to be a fact but until recently, as I went through my blog drama it suddenly hit me....Change gives me the hives. What blog drama you ask? Giving it a face lift. You see, my friend Erin designed my blog for me. I decided I needed a change so she designed an entire new look. After she slaved for weeks on end, I got to see it. That's when it hit me...I didn't want a new look. I wanted my current look. I got nostalgic thinking of everything my blog and I have been through. Well, that and I just like my colors and the general feel of it. Then I started to panic. I wasn't ready to tell my blog layout goodbye. I wanted to tell it hello every time I logged on.

Hello Blog, you are one of my best friends. I can impose tons of pictures of my family on you and you never complain! What? Oh yes... well I do realize you can't talk...maybe that's why I like you so darned much...that, and I still just love the colors. Blog? Remember that time when I was writing in you and you told everyone...? I didn't think that I could ever forgive you for that but some how I healed. What's that Blog? That's what you do? Oh, I remember now, I'm sorry Blog, I forget that sometimes.

OK I'm back, I was having a private moment with Blog. Anywho...You may not notice, but I have a new blog topper thanks to Erin! What my topper was missing was a picture of my step-son Jake. Now, it's complete and it still looks the same! WHOOOOO

So yes, I assure you...I am not a creature of change. Oh and I talk to Blogs.

Yours Truly,
She Who Talks to Blogs
Or alternately:
She-Blogs-a Lot (Get it!? These are my new Indian names)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Please Leave Your Message After the Beep..

.....because I'm not here! I actually wanted to let you all know that I have not given up blogging, I have just had a temporary setback. After 11 days without power because of Hurricane Ike, my wireless went out. As soon as we got the wireless issue resolved, my laptop completely crashed. It's currently undergoing exploratory surgery with the Geek Squad and I hope to have it back this week. I promise to get back to normal here shortly!