Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cooking with EE

Well, EE has decided that he loves to "cook" with us. So, we indulge him. We sit him on the counter (with close supervision, of course) and let him cook with his own pot. He LOVES being apart maing our dinner (or breakfast).

On another note....EE went potty IN the potty all day today!!! That is a HUGE milestone for us!!! YAY YAY YAY!

As for teething, that's still going on. He did get sick as well and that hasn't been so much fun but I think we may be over the worse part of it. Here are some updated pics! Enjoy!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Houston....We Have More Teeth!

Yes, it's confirmed by Mommy's finger! The runny nose, the grumpy days, and the early mornings....all caused by three (yes 3) soon to be 2-year old molars that are coming in. ACK! I can only imagine the pain he must be in. I can't confirm the 4th one just yet because, well, to be quite honest--he got tired of my finger being in his mouth and clamped down! So, I have no idea if that 4th one is coming in as well! LOL.

If these molars follow the trend like his other teeth did, they will be here in no time. EE was an early teether. Let's just hope for a speedy teething process so that I'm not bald in a month!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The "Terrible" Two's

Well, these past few weeks sure have been interesting....EE is learing to test his boundaries like there is no tomorrow. He last learned to call me "mean" when he's mad at me (or anyone for that matter). He tires to tell me no and OHHHH the temper tantrums!

I think he may also be getting his 2-year old molars right now as well. He sure has been grumpy the last few days. Normally he is a very happy child but WOW......his temper! LOL

He LOVES hugs and kisses, he loves to sing (at the top of his lungs I might add), he loves to count, he loves for us to read books to him, but when he tests us....he TESTS us.

I know it's normal but LOL I really can't wait for this phase to pass!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This is why I love EE's Daycare...

EE is in the best daycare (in my opinion) that he could possibly be in. No matter what activity they have planned, they are constantly teaching him. Every week they send him home with a new schedule of what they are going to learn for the week. They concentrate on certain words, letters, songs, and values. Every single activity that they do is centered on what they are learning. Every fun thing they color or sing has something to learn! Not only that, he's having a BLAST doing it.

Yesterday they had a learning sessions about birds. Not only did he get to learn all about them and the different types, he got his picture taken with one!!!!!!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Playing Before Bedtime...

Lately EE has been more of a mommy's boy than a daddy's boy, but for the last few days, he sure has been wanting his daddy! Tonight daddy was a jungle gym!!!! EE takes gymnastics at daycare and boy does that make him fearless! He was flipping over Jerry's shoulders like there was no tomorrow! I grabbed some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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Just when you THINK you have them all hidden, a 2-year old can FIND just one. So, yesterday I turned my back on EE for just a minute or 2. He comes walking up to me and grabs my hand and says "Come here Mommy". He proudly walks me over into our foyer were he shows off his artwork. pristine white wall right by my front door (the whole height of EE) is now BLUE...... Alas, I can't be mad though.....I did turn my back...even if it WAS for a moment. UGH.

Also, he has changed daycare rooms (they change every 6 months) and he's not digging that so much. He's a lot like his mommy in that aspect. He doesn't like change. He does OK after the first 10 minutes or so, but he sure hates it when I leave. He's doing really well otherwise.

It's pretty quite now that the boys have gone home and all of us are really sad about that. We miss them a ton and it's weird not seeing their faces every day.

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Here is my dancing chicken....he always cheers me up! LOL Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Looking Back

So, I'm going through old pics of the boys and such and WOW have they grown! I mean, REALLY grown. Check out these pics of EE. Here is his hospital pic.....

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And here he is at his 2nd birthday party!

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Here is another one of the boys Oct 2004 in NC. They have grown So much!

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

As most of you know, I did have a family website set up but I found that it was very restricting! I decided to set up this blog so that I could post videos and pics how I wanted and when I wanted.

This first montage is EE and Joey at a friends birthday pool party....enjoy!

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This second slide show is of the boys playing at the beach and of them at their cousin Chaz's 2nd birthday party eating cupcakes!

Jake went home 2 weeks ago and Joey left yesterday. The house sure is quiet now and is going to take some getting use to. EE is still asking about them both. We miss them already!