Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hanging out at Nee's

I finally got some pictures of Ethan with his cast. He's doing much better with it today, and is finally using his hand. Enjoy the pics!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lost Wallets and Broken Bones

Today has been over the top exahusting. It started out with Jerry leaving for the airport at about 5am. He then had to take a taxi home because he couldn't find his wallet. We had to hurry up and get Ethan dressed, because I had to take him back to the airport. Oh and I forgot to mention that he didn't find his wallet at home, it was in his truck AT THE AIRPORT. His flight was at 7:40 (or so we thought) come to find out, he wasn't scheduled to leave until 7:40 pm. He was able to fly standby at around 11:00 and finally made it to MN to see his grandfather.

Now an update on Ethan:

He fell last evening but didn't really complain about his arm after the tears were dried up. Something told me to call his daycare and tell them that if he complains to call me. Sure enough at about 10am I got a call saying that he kept crying about his arm. I was able to get a peds appt for 11am (had to FLY from the medical center to the daycare- that alone is normally an hour drive). We got to the peds at 11am and the doctor examined him. He thought that it wa just bruised because Ethan didn't complain one time. But, he sent us for an xray at a nearby hospital. We finally finished there at 2:30pm.

He had been such a trooper that I took him to Walmart to pick out a toy (milk and a pizza). Right when I was pulling into the driveway at home, I got the call from the peds that indeed....his wrist was fractured. I then had to BEG an orthopedic office to see him...we made it there by 3:30. Luckily, they were able to view the xrays via the computer so they didn't have to take more. I forgot to mention that earlier at the peds, they tried to put a splint on him and he was hysterical.

EE picked out a (waterproof) green colored cast. He did so well while they were wrapping it. Finally at 5:15pm we were DONE!!!!!!!!!! On the way home he realized that his cast was not coming off and the hysterics started all over again. He was in complete meltdown mode for 30 minutes. He hadn't had his nap so sleepiness played a part in it. I laid him down at 7pm for bed and he was OUT. 6 hours in a doctors office with a 3 year old is not easy. He's doing fine so far but kept asking me to take the cast off. Thank God today is over.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Update on Me

These last few weeks have been hectic. I've been in and out of my doctors office about 3 times and have gotten a ton of blood taken. I went in because I was over the top exhausted (so bad that sometimes I can't function) and because I've been nauseous and vomiting for a while. We did the blood work and found that 7 blood tests came back really low. Many of them my iron. One test showed that I wasn't metabolizing iron in my body at all.

The next step was more blood work and she was also convinced that I was losing blood somehow (hence the severe anemia). When I went back to see her on Friday, more blood results and UGHHH I have an ulcer. Great. Weird thing is, my anemia has nothing to do with my ulcer. I'm not losing blood in anyway. She put me on an iron supplement (that makes me horribly sick when I take it) and I'm on a 3 meds for my ulcer. She said that if my iron does not come up, I have to see a hematologist to figure it out. At least I know why I'm so tired, cold, and my blood pressure is so low...

Anyway, the ulcer meds only last 14 days thank god, because it's 8 pills a day just for that. Then I will just go on Pepcid for good. She seems to think that these meds are going to help heal the ulcer. Also, it has to be new because when I was in the hospital in May, I just had a scope and there was nothing there.

I'm just glad to know that the getting sick will go away soon and that hopefully I wont be so tired. I really REALLY don't want to see a hematologist. She said he may want to do a transfusion on me....YECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We spent today at my moms and Boo came over. I forgot my camera so no pics this week. I PROMISE I'll try and get some up next week.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just Random Babbling...

So, I have decided that I don't blog enough and I'm making an effort to change that. We'll see how well that goes.

Jerry and I are both in the same program at school and we're both about done with the term....THANK GOODNESS! I'm really glad that we are doing this, but man! I need a break. I must admit though that as soon as I went back to school, things changed at work. Doors tend to open when you are either in college or are a college graduate. I'm not sure exactly what this degree will help me with at work but they seem to like it. I'm up for a promotion in the next couple of months (hopefully before the end of the year) and I can't wait! It's just funny, my degree will be in business but I will be in the same field that I've always been in....research. The only difference is that I will be in management now. I hope. That's the plan, anyway.

Ethan is going through an "I'm scared" phase. Really he just wants me to lay down with him while he falls asleep. It's my fault really....a few months ago, I was out of town and missed him so much that when I came back into town I laid down with him for a couple of nights. Well that was enough to start a horrible habit. To tell you the truth though, I don't mind it...I know he's only going to be little for a little while and it's just more bonding time.

Jerry has had a stomach virus for the past 2 days and has been feeling pretty bleck. I was nauseous today so I'm praying I don't get what he has....or that Ethan doesn't get it.

My mom had surgery to replace her medication pump that is implanted in her. We had no idea how badly it was working until she got her new one. She's doing so much better now! It's like night and day.

Oh, and I'm re-addicted to Friends in a bad way.....I'm HOPING to get the series for my birthday next month. It's funny now that show just never gets old. I still watch it and laugh out loud every time. I have so many "favorite" episodes that I lose count. Don't you just love that show?

OK it's bedtime and I have patients at the crack of dawn. If you made it this far then thank you for listening to me gab.. I'll try and get some new pics of Ethan up by next week. G'nite!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Love Your kids

Love your kids. Don't humiliate them or make them feel small in any way. Lift them up and promote their spirits. Never think that it is OK to laugh at their pain, even if it does seem funny at the time. Remember that you were once that age and try to empathize with them. Love them equally and without favor. And last but not least, remember that no matter how old they are....they do have fragile feelings and what you do to them stays with them for life...good or bad. Love your kids.

I've Been Tagged! (Five Friday)

5 things you want your kids to know before they grow up

1. that people (no matter color, status, or culture) are to be treated with respect and kindness.

2. I want them to know that it's OK to fail every once in a while. Just pick yourself up and try again.

3. That God loves everyone the same, even during the tough times.

4. That college really IS a good idea and they should GO.

5. Love their siblings. Really love them. Because some day, they will need someone to lean on...and their brothers or sister will be the only ones to understand.

OK CJen! Now I'm tagging you!

Hello From the Quiet Side!

There has not been a whole lot going on to talk about....hence the "no posting" binge that I have been on. EE is still growing like weed but is now also going through a pretty sassy phase, so we are working on that. Jerry says that he gets that from me...I tend to agree. BUT we are going to nip the "sassy" in the bud now. He is still sweet though and that is important. He loves his friends and is very into spiderman at the moment. Well, spiderman, Bob the Builder, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He's such a boy.

Jerry and I are doing great. He loves his new job and I'm facing a promotion at my current job. I'm not going to say anything more about it, as I don't want to jinx myself.

What do you think about my snazzy new blog layout? Nice huh? These are my favorite colors!!!!

Eunice, my sister in law found this cool "Look-a-like meter" HA! see who EE looks alike!!!! :P