Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Call me Hop Along...or Not

Well yesterday proved to be eventful. Not quite what I pictured for a nice Sunday afternoon, but eventful anyway.

We spend quite a bit of time during the weekend at a really nice playground down the road from us. The ground on the playground is a track turf, so it's a little bouncy if the kids fall. Above the playground, much of it is covered to keep the sun off of everyone. Surrounding the playground is a nice asphalt track that kids ride their bikes on and parents walk while kiddos are playing.

Yesterday (as we do at least twice a weekend) we went to the park so that Ethan could ride his bike on the track. It's much safer there than in our busy neighborhood, so he rides to his hearts content.

I was busy taking pictures of Ethan and Joey riding their bikes and not paying much attention to anything else. Let me stop right here to mention that I had a bad feeling about taking my nice expensive camera on the walk with me for some reason. I kept envisioning it dropping to the ground and breaking.

The track is raised about 5-6 inches above the ground and I must have been walking on the edge. All of a sudden (in slow motion I might add) I slip off the side, twisting my ankle as I go down, and hit the ground face first. My camera (of course) slipped out of my hand and hit the ground.

I laid there for a good 5 minutes in severe pain. I couldn't move my ankle and Jerry was trying to see if I could move at all. I looked at my right leg and saw huge scrapes on my knee and shin. My right elbow was busted up too. After about 10 minutes, Jerry was able to help me get to a table that was close by. By then I was severely nauseated. Ethan was freaking out so I was doing my best to act as if nothing was wrong. He was so sweet! We finally got him to agree to ride his bike one more time around the park while I elevated my ankle to see if it would keep hurting.

Jerry helped me stand up to see if I could walk to the truck (a LONG way away) and I just couldn't. Ethan came over and informed us that it was time to go home. They all walked to the truck and I stayed where I was. There is no where for vehicles to drive in the park so Jerry had to cut through our soccer field and ride the fence line to come and get me. He was able to get the truck right up to where I was and help me in. Ethan was telling me that it would be OK and that I just needed to breathe! LOL He was actually being very helpful and adorable. He was really worried.

We got home and cleaned up my battle wounds. Fast forward to today....I spent all day (of my planned vacation day) laid up in bed. I can get around a little better today, it still hurts to walk on my ankle but I can hobble around. My ankle is about the size of a knee cap now so the swelling is going down. I go back to work tomorrow, so that should be interesting! Wish me luck!

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