Monday, October 16, 2006

Monsoons Move to Texas!

Today is not one that I will likely forget for a very LONG time! Today was my first day of work. I had to be there at 745, which meant that I needed to leave my house at 6am to drop EE off........

Lets just say that things didn't go exactly as planned.....
I'm not KIDDING! :eek: I got awakened (LOL is that a word?) at 3am by a MONSOON and I was praying that it was going to let up.

At 530 I backed the van up to the house as close as I could to lessen EE getting soaked and at 550 we both climbed in the back and closed the door as I buckled him in.

615 they FINALLY got to the daycare (they open at 6am I guess someone had issues at home too). I got back on the road in a panic, praying I would make it on time....
HOLY COW...high water..... I can't stop (cars behind me) I can't pull over (I'm in the middle lane).....I make it through.....

Driving slowly...pulse is thumping, traffic is horrible...visibility is ZERO....OK there is the highway ramp up ahead.....ummmm wait.....why are the cars going the WRONG WAY!? In a single line they are ....going the wrong way!!!!!

OK.....I can do this....I turn around....I'm going to be late to my first day of work......
Alternate route......I'm lost though......I call Jerry....He gets me back on the road......

NOOOOOOO my alternate route is flooded too! I'm about to cry. It's pouring outside, I can't see, I'm supposed to be down town in 45 minutes and I'm parked outside of a gas station about to have a panic attack. Literally. I don't even know if I can get home at this point.

Then I think of one more way. At this point though, I have little hope.
I make it. (doing the mental happy dance) Ironically there are hardly any cars on the freeway that I'm on. I guess they are all stalled out on the other freeways.

Fast forward to the drive home....
I get lost again trying to find another "alternate route"

Why you ask?
My way home is....yes.....FLOODED.

I ask a kind lady who I swear at first thinks I'm trying to rob her for directions.
She gets me to the highway where I sit for an hour.

Onward I finally get to my exit HOME!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY

Nope. It's closed! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. :angry: :angry: :angry:

By the time I did get home, I needed a strong drink but settled for a little family time and some snuggles with EE and laughs with Jerry.
They called the weather "training" today. One bad storm after another. It was one for the record books and on the first day of my job no less.
But I made it!

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Anonymous said...

Arrrrg! I'm so sorry hon! What a stressful day! Hope you're enjoying your new job though. Miss talking to you all day long LOL. At this rate I might actually have to call you!