Monday, October 02, 2006

The Pledge and Sunny Skies

Yesterday as EE and I were spending quality time together, he decided to bless me with his many hidden abilities. He stood up straight, put his hand on his heart and started to recite the The Pledge of the Allegiance. I didn't understand all of it but I did understand enough of it to know what he was saying. I almost burst into tears. They say it every day at his daycare.

He was so proud to be showing me what he could do that he then showed me his new song that he knew. It's called what I'm guessing is the "Sunny Song" S-U-N-N-Y" over and over and over and OVER....but he knows it. When it's sunny outside they sing that song.

This weekend EE got to spend more time with his cousin Chas (Boo). They play SO well together and are becoming best friends. You should hear them laugh together. We were riding together in the car and they were in the back seat talking and cracking themselves up. It warmend my heart to hear them together.

Here are a few new pictures of them (and of me and EE) from this past Saturday.

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Eunice said...

these pics came out so great. he's such a fast learner, i'm so proud!