Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strike a Pose!

This past weekend I went to see my BFF Erin. She is seriously one of the closest friends I've ever had and I wish we lived closer together. But....while I was there we did a photo shoot starring...ME! I'm always the one behind the camera so this was a blast.

I think I look like my mom here. Every once in a while I will see one of my facial expressions and think....I can totally see my mom! Dontcha think?

I do believe that this one is probably one of my favorite pictures. Although, I'm not sure I look very curious...I think I might look like I'm pondering something....

Wanna know a secret? This one was all about the shoes. What better way to show off sassy red shoes than to stick yourself in front of a cool wall???

Most people that know me, know that I'm not one that loves 'scenery" pictures. I'm more of an urban type...(note my cool backgrounds and wall color)...however....there's something to be said about sitting on a tree trunk that is bigger than you are.

We found this abandoned old gas station that was right up my alley. Do I look like I could be part of Charlie's Angels? I think I armed that gas pump pretty darned well if I say so myself!

Doesn't this just scream danger?

Erin threw this one in there because she loved the candidness of the entire thing. I'm sure she said something very witty that made me lose my concentration and crack up. She had this thing about not stopping the shoot even though I decided to break pose. Hmmpphhhh Erin....please quit shooting me when I'm not in character. Thank you.

I think she is a wonderful photographer and even more....she's a wonderful friend. We had so much fun together...catching up....and getting lost. Yes...just so everyone knows....she's as bad as I am with directions. But....she gets lost even with a navigator...I do believe that means that she takes the cake for the directionally challenged. Erin, sweetie, you know I love you! :D


She Who Hasn't Updated this Blog in Like....Forever

PS- New pictures of Ethan coming soon!

Click here to see more of Erin's photography


rachel said...

I love all the pictures of you. It shows you in a way I haven't seen. I love em!

erin said...

Well the jury's still out if you're worse because I haven't had the pleasure of witnessing your directional impairment firsthand as you have mine. And in my defense, the map for my navigation wasn't doing what it should, so I blame it...not me. :D

It was SOO fun to have you here. I had a total blast. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the one if you on the tree stumo, very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures Mikki. You are looking great and happy!


Yvonne said...

love the photos! and the shoes! so nice to see you in something other than the clunky shoes. :) the gas station ones were my favorites. can't wait for our photoshoot!